What can banking learn from the games industry?


10 Mar 2016


I'm not a big gamer although I know a certain little boy who would be lost without his XBox!  I doubt whether my 8 year old son would automatically make the link between Plant vs Zombies and the bleeding edge of user experience within challenger banks.  This is, however, not a criticism that we could throw at Atom Bank - the UK's first digital only bank.  

Atom has recently announced the acquisition of Grasp (UK) and appointed well-known computer games entrepreneur Brian Jobling to its board.  This looks to be a very smart move.  Brian and his team at Grasp will be bringing their experience of the gaming industry and marrying that with the requirements of digital banking to deliver class leading user experiences.  

This is just another example of how skills, innovation and experiences within one sector can be translated into others in novel and exciting ways.  What a great example to all startups out there and shows that your potential acquirer might not necessarily be from the most obvious source!

I'm really interested to see the results of this move.  I'm not expecting to see plants or zombies on the Atom Bank login page but I am hoping for a completely different kind of experience!

"Durham’s Atom Bank has acquired an IT business headed by computer games pioneer Brian Jobling, in a deal that seems him appointed business development director of the company." Read more.

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