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22 Nov 2016

Social Investment has been gaining momentum over the couple of years, with the line between pure venture capital and impact investing becoming increasingly blurred. Not only are there a growing number of social investment funds available to support not-for-profits, but a number of venture capital funds have started coming out of Silicon Valley that are focused on achieving social outcomes and increasing diversity, in the for-profit sector. 

At Northstar we judge our investments by both the financial and non-financial returns they achieve. From creating jobs through business growth to developing regional digital infrastructure, each investment we make has a positive impact on those involved. 

This is why, in late 2014, it made sense to us to launch our first social investment fund - a dedicated fund that supports charities and social enterprises through impact investments. Our portfolio now includes social entrepreneurs in addition to companies focusing on digital solutions, life sciences and clean energy, alongside a diverse range of other industries. 


"Susan Ralphs... of the Ethical Property Company agreed, saying she looked forward to a different type of capitalism, when social investment would be mainstream, not peripheral to society. "I'd like to see a world where planet and people matter as much as capital," she said." Read more.

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