Entrepreneurs prescribed new business support programme


11 Oct 2019

North East entrepreneurs are benefitting from a new kind of business support prescribed by Northstar Ventures and Business Doctors.

Working in collaboration, Northstar and Business Doctors have developed a new initiative called The Breakthrough Growth Masterclass, aimed at supporting new and growing businesses to be able to plan a sustainable future.

The initiative comprises of a full day’s workshop, bringing together businesses from various backgrounds, followed up with a one to one session with one of the mentors from Business Doctors.

The first successful Masterclasses have brought together a group of business owners, from different sectors, providing them with an opportunity to take some time out and focus on the issues that are holding back their business growth such as cash flow, lack of sales or profit, strategic planning, knowing your market, making your people profitable and what funding is available.

Jane Reynolds, Northstar Ventures Business Development Manager, said, “As a leading early stage investor, at Northstar we support businesses and entrepreneurs in many different ways. We were delighted to work with the Business Doctors to develop this offer, the combination of a very comprehensive, practical group workshop followed by the focused one to one session gives the chance for business to share knowledge and experience with their peers as well as experts, and then really drill down into their own particular issues.”

Graham Robson, Regional Director of Business Doctors North East, said, “Our new partnership with Northstar on this initiative is really exciting. Like Northstar, we love to work with businesses and entrepreneurs to help and support their ambitions to maximise growth potential and value. As a ‘consultant free zone’ our business advisors have the wealth of experience needed to help transform entrepreneurial led businesses into significant enterprises, and we can’t wait to get on the pitch with this project.”

Vijayalakshmi Subramani, CEO of Sunderland based Kerckhoffs, who also took up the offer of one to one support following the Masterclass, said, “As a Director of an early stage software development and research company, I learned a lot of insights for day to day business operations and working for reaching to the next stage (e.g. expansion and funding). The structure of the workshop was very clear, the templates and exercises provided can be directly applied in business operations.

“It was great to learn from peers in the workshop group not only about their businesses but also from their success path. The Business Doctors were thorough and they delivered the workshop with a lot of clarity which was easy to understand for any business person at any business stage”.

For more information contact:

The next FREE Breakthrough Growth Masterclass takes place in Gateshead on 7th November. It’s open to all North East entrepreneurs who want to find out more about how they can grow and scale their business. Places are limited – so book yours now! 


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