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North East Angel R&D programme

The £1 million Angel R&D Programme is focussed on backing scalable, innovative businesses throughout County Durham, Tyne & Wear and Northumberland who are seeking investment and planning to undertake a research and development project.

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About the Programme

The Programme will provide a grant to innovative businesses in any sector, who are undertaking Research & Development (R&D) projects lasting up to 12 months, comprising feasibility studies or industrial research. Grants are for £20,000 to £150,000 and can represent up to 50% of R&D project cost, therefore, R&D project total costs in the range of £40,000 to £300,000 are eligible. 

The grants must be alongside investment in the company from private funds (equity or similar e.g. convertible debt), of which an amount equal to at least 50% of the grant size must come from angel investors. 

Please get in touch with Alex Buchan or Rick Charnley if you would like to find out more. 

What sectors are you interested in?  

We already work with entrepreneurs doing great things in a range of areas like digital technology, life sciences, cleantech and manufacturing but what they all have in common is innovation. We are open to ideas and businesses from any sector. 

What other factors do you take into account?  

We’re looking for: 

  • ambitious entrepreneurial teams 
  • market-focused business ideas 
  • deep sector knowledge 
  • global vision and ambition 
  • scalable businesses. 

What kind of things will you want to know? 

It’s useful for you to think about: 

  • What is the problem you are solving? 
  • How big is the opportunity?
  • What is different about your business and why is this an advantage?
  • Is there any defensible intellectual property in your product or service?
  • Who are your main competitors?
  • How will your business make money?
  • How will the investment and grant be spent?
  • What are the details of the R&D project?
  • Have you had any previous investment?
  • What progress have you made so far?
  • What are the basic business financials? 
  • Have you had any Innovate UK grants before?  

The business needs raise at least as much private investment as the grant, including angel investment of at least 50% of the grant amount, so we are interested to hear whether you already have investors lined up or not.  We may be able to assist with introductions to angels and other investors.  

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